What is time banking?

After 10 years of Timebanking in Southampton, with Lynda Barnes retiring, Gwyneth Baker still on sick leave and Laura Bailey, who has been helping since March concentrating on her role as an Independence Advisor and Hoarding Officer, it is felt that now is a good time to review how Southampton Timebank can adapt to meet the challenges of the future in an ever-changing and currently uncertain present.

From December 4th Southampton Timebank will temporarily not have a Broker so will cease to offer and receive requests for 1:1 help or run groups and activities until further notice. This will give Southampton City Council, who employ the Broker and pay the costs of the Timebank, time to review the successes achieved and how these can be built on to support more residents of Southampton.

The understandable fear, to many, caused by the COVID-19 virus and subsequent lockdowns have highlighted the large number of people who need help and support, for a limited time or even a “one off” occasion. Timebanking, with members offering occasional support as and when needed has fitted well into this. Some people have required longer term help and again Timebank members rallied round and helped.

In the past, the generosity of time and spirit given by Timebank members to each other has provided invaluable. In the future, hopefully, we can grow and develop to help support more people who, because of circumstances are unable to help themselves.

This is an opportunity for the Timebank Community to help each other at this difficult time and also for us  to help those in the wider community who do not have anyone nearby to support them.

For more information or to join Southampton Timebank  Email  Timebank@southampton.gov.uk

You can also join the Timebank using https://tol2.timebanking.org/southampton/

Imagine a neighbourhood where:
• people feel part of the community
• people feel that neighbours look out for each other
• people feel free to ask each other for help when they want it
• people share their skills
• people feel valued when they help each other out
• people enjoy a full and meaningful life

Time Banking strengthens communities by drawing people together and by developing mutual friendships and support.
It is a way of creating a sense of neighbourliness and building communities. It is a rewarding and enjoyable way for people to come together to share their skills. With Time Banking, people of all ages and abilities can join in and exchange a whole range of skills. It benefits from the diversity of its membership so there are a wide variety of skills exchanged between members.

Our Work

The Time Bank is a way to use your skills helping others and receiving help in return.
Everyone has something to offer, from gardening to form filling.

At the heart of Time Banking are five core values:

• People are assets: The real wealth of any society is its people. Every individual has valuable experience, skills and connections to contribute to the well-being of others in their local community.
• Redefining work: Activities such as bringing up children, caring for people, keeping communities safe, fighting injustice and making democracy work have to be recognised and rewarded as real work.
• Working together: We need each other. Giving and receiving are the basic building blocks of positive social relationships and healthy communities.
• Improving our communities: Belonging to a mutually supportive and secure social network brings more meaning to our lives and new opportunities to build our trust in one another.
• Empowerment: The voices of those being helped must be respected, amplified, responded to and acted upon.